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We provide service for the last mile in your journey as a new grad nurse transitioning from "inexperienced student nurse" to "top professional within your organization."
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Find New Grad Programs
With info on 100's of new grad programs and growing, we are building the most comprehensive list of Nurse Residency Programs including information on Application Windows, Local Salary Info, GPA Requirements, and more.
Craft an epic resume
Top Candidates don't use resume templates.  The best nurses craft a resume that is unique to them, highlighting the things that make them stand out above their competition. We can show you how to craft an epic resume.  Even if you haven't worked a job in your life. 
interview prep 
We provide 1-on-1 Live Video Coaching where we coach you step-by-step through the entire interviewing process, including: Mock Interviews, Creating A Custom Interview  Strategy, Master List of Real-World Nurse Interview Questions.
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“When I listened to the voicemail from the recruiter I immediately began crying when the guy said "I'm calling with some exciting news”. I cannot thank you enough for all your help!! Please don't stop what you are doing!!! It is largely because of your help that I got 2 offers for the NICU!!! You are investing in others dreams...  I would have paid anything to have someone as knowledgeable and compassionate as you to help me through this grueling process.”  
Summer S. rn, bsn
Where is the best job for your needs? 
are you looking for jobs that are ADN or BSN Only? Require High GPA? SIgn-On Bonuses? Search For Your Dream Job By City/State, Specific Department, and many other categories.  We Strive To Provide The Most Up-To-Date Information to help you choose the best job for your needs.
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